HIRO.LAB Melatonin 5mg 120 tabliet


HIRO.LAB Melatonin 5mg 120 tablets

Brand team Hiro.Labdealing with the development of the product formula pays great attention to the fact that the manufactured supplements have a dose ideally adapted to the needs of the customer. In this case, they could not be otherwise, that is why they created the supplement Melatonin</strong>has in its composition up to 5 mgclean of melatoninand it was all concentrated in one tablet.

Recommended dosage this ingredient is 1 mg per day, but customers always choose the dose according to their preferences after consulting a doctor or dietitian. If you have problems sleeping, the Hiro product gives you the opportunity to choose the ideal ratio for you.




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Melatonin, brand HIRO.LAB otherwise known as "sleep hormone" , is produced naturally in our body, mainly in the pineal gland. Cells - pinealocytes of this gland, which is extremely important for our well-being, produce serotonin during the day, which is the hormone of happiness, so when it is low, we are sadder, more anxious and more aggressive. Serotonin wouldit should have given way to melatonin after dark so it could calm our bodies down to sleep. Then the already mentioned pineal gland begins to synthesize the sleep hormone, while monitoring the intensity of light traveling to the brain through our nerve impulses - neurons. When the sun goes down and it's dark, the pineal gland is signaled through our eyes to act. However, in today's time full of stress and external stimuli, this wonderful process is often disrupted. That is why it is so important to support our body with supplements that are meant to make our life easier and raise its standard several levels higher. If you have any trouble sleeping, you still feel agitated and restless after dark, it seems like it takes forever to fall asleep - GET HELP! Don't hesitate and get this great melatonin sleep supplement from Hiro.Lab.

The role of melatonin in body thermogenesis

This component plays an important role in stabilization of body temperature, when the level of melatonin in the body is the highest, the body temperature is the lowest. Imagine the situations; we woke up after a very good sleep, during a holiday in the heart of Tuscany. We go out to the terrace, it's beautiful afterit's time, the sun comes out and gives us a big dose of vitamin D. What's next, you ask? Melatonin, which perfectly knows its purpose, gives way to serotonin, and then our body temperature gradually increases. You can also observe this process when you have trouble falling asleep, start to feel nervous and feel hot. However, there comes a point where your brain produces enough melatonin to lull you to sleep. You suddenly wake up and it is colder and in extreme cases you are very cold. This is how melatonin is cleverly exchanged with serotonin in our pineal gland.

Melatonin and hormones

Function melatoninit does not stop at controlling the quality of your sleep, but is involved in many other processes in your body. The quality and quantity of sleep are very important for us in order to keep the circadian rhythm in good condition, for this we need an adequate level of melatonin in our brain "drive". The sleep hormone also affects other hormones, including supporting cortisol, growth hormone - somatropin and thyroid hormones in general.

Low hungerother melatonin disrupts your circadian rhythm and in this case you should start supplementing with Hiro.Lab melatonin. By devoting more time to a healthy night's recovery, you'll get rid of cortisol and become much calmer. Rest also triggers a greater production of somatropin, thanks to which you perfectly nourish the cells of your body. Depriving the body of healthy sleep can lead to changes in thyroid function - increases insecretion of TSH, which can lead to hypothyroidism in the long term.


  • Dose: 1/5 tablet
  • 600 doses in a package
  • Pack of 120 tablets

Composition of melatonin:

Bulking agent - microcrystalline cellulose, filler - calcium phosphates, anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids (veg), melatonin.


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