Weider Day&Night Casein 1800 g


Weider Day&Night Casein 1800 g

100% Casein is the ideal last meal before bed. Pure casein for your muscles.




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Weider Day&Night Casein 1800 g

Day & Night Casein from WEIDER with a high proportion of BCAA amino acids and glutamine. 100% Casein contains over 84% pure casein and a very low content of sugar and fat. The advantage of this protein is its excellent taste.

Casein is the main protein component of milk, which makes up about 80% of milk protein. Casein exhibits special nutritional, physiological and functional properties that clearly distinguish it from other milk proteins. Casein is digested slowly, and its use leads to a continuous delivery of amino acids (the building blocks of muscles) into the bloodstream. Thanks to casein, muscle tissue can be supplied with "building material" for up to 7 hours. This is the longest supply compared to other types of proteins.

Pure casein further causes a slight leaching of insulin, acting as a substance with anti-catabolic effects. In connection with the small content of fat and sugar, the metabolism can work at a really high level.

The unique biochemical properties of casein can only be fully utilized with an absolutely pure product. Weider Day & Night Casein is made using the most modern process and offers the user the highest quality.

Day & Night Casein is ideally suited as the last meal before bed or as a "bridge" between longer breaks in food. It can also be used to protect muscles during long-term endurance trainingh. It is an alternative to cottage cheese and cottage cheese in the regular diet.

Thanks to the fact that 1g of casein treated in this way can bind up to 4g of water, it creates an amazing creamy consistency during its preparation, which leads, among other things, to very good satiating properties.


  • high protein content from pure casein - over 84%
  • contains only pure casein
  • strong anti-catabolic effect
  • very good saturating properties
  • 1g of casein binds up to 4g of water? pleasant and creamy consistency
  • accelerates muscle building and growth
  • increases strength parameters
  • high l-glutamine content
  • high BCAA content in a favorable ratio
  • shortens regeneration time
  • supports fat burning
  • very little fat and sugar content
  • excellent taste even with water

Recommended dosage:

Take 1-3 doses during the day. Mix 25 g of powder in 300 ml of water, can be given for breakfast, a reasonable time before exercise, ideal supplementation before bed.


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