Innovative Labs HellFire USA 90 kapsúl

Innovative Labs HellFire USA 90 capsules

Original burner from innovative labs Hell Fire®, is undoubtedly one of the hottest and most intense power sources on the market. While other burners require you to take 3-4 pills to feel even a mild effect.

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Innovative Labs Hellfire USA 90 capsules

Hell Fire® is the US market leader in fat burners. The composition of Hell Fire is enriched with the Ephedra® extract formula containing 150 mg per capsule. The first results are noticeable already after the first week of using the product.

Product Hell Fire® is sought not only by professional athletes but also by people on a diet with the main goal of losing weight. Do not be afraid to try it even if other slimming tablets have not brought you the desired result.

What are Hellf capsules?ire EPH 150?

Hellfire capsules are aimed directly at your metabolism. They trigger the body's natural activity, burning fat, which allows you to see results sooner than you would expect. The Hellfire fat burner is different from other products. By combining natural ingredients, the tablets target the most problematic parts of your body. 150 mg of anhydrous caffeine will provide the body with a lot of energy, speed up metabolism and contribute to faster fat burning. The tablets work even if you are not doing any physical activity. They are intended not only for beginners, but also significantly enrich professional athletes and bodybuilders who need to quickly shed excess pounds.

If you have already tried other ephedrine based products and requestsno result came up, try Hellfire EPH 150 and you won't be disappointed.

The product Hell Fire® 150 will cheer you up and make you feel great. Dieting makes people tired and makes them feel weak and sluggish. 150 mg of Ephedra extract and 150mg of anhydrous caffeine will give you the energy you need to lose weight.

With its powerful blend of ingredients, Hellfire EPH 150 pill users can see results sooner than expected. With the right diet and regular exercise, the tablets will help you maximize your efforts.

Balenie: 90 capsules


Take 1 capsule daily with food. Ideally, as part of the daily regime, take 1 capsule 40 minutes before physical activity or training.


  • extremely effective fat burning
  • increases alertness and focus
  • promotes a euphoric feeling
  • regulates appetite
  • delivers a long-lasting burst of energy

Dosage :

As a nutritional supplement, take one capsule after breakfast. Do not take more than 3 capsules per day. Do not use for more than 8 weeks.

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