Weider BCAA + L-Glutamine 180 kapsúl


Weider BCAA + L-Glutamine 180 capsules

BCAA + L-glutamine 180 capsules WEIDERthat is muscle protection before and regeneration after training. The optimal combination of BCAA + l-glutamine in capsules. BCAA in a ratio of 2:1:1.

Weider BCAA +



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Weider BCAA + L-Glutamine 180 capsules

ProductBCAA + L-GLUTAMINE from WEIDERserves for better muscle protection and regeneration support thanks to L-glutamine in combination with BCAA. Branched-chain amino acids BCAA are necessary for better muscle regeneration and sufficiently protect muscles during training. The presence of BSAA in the muscles improves the body's overall anabolism. In combination with L-glutamine, it improves this environment even more, because glutamine makes up more than half of the total number of amino acids in the muscles. It increases the volume of muscle cells.

The muscles are fuller and have pmore affordable appearance. Glutamine shortens the time needed for recovery. This fact is suitable between intensive training units, when faster regeneration is needed. All amino acids are fully synthetic and in an ideal ratio. Muscle regeneration takes place thanks to the created combination of strong anti-catabolic nutrients and enables the preservation of strength and muscle mass in pre-competition preparation.

Regeneration of muscle in muscleof this cell is increased by the simultaneous administration of carbohydrates. In the building phase, it is necessary to use it after training together with a carbohydrate drink.

Ansmanual dosing:

Take 3 capsules immediately after training.

Warning: Food intended for special nutrition, suitable for athletes.


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