VPLab Gold Whey 500 g


VPLab Gold Whey 500 g

Top protein for professional athletes and active people. Ideal for everyday consumption.

VPLab Gold Whey



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VPLab Gold Whey 500 g

Considering that proteins are the main building block of muscles, it is strongly recommended to take VPLab Gold Wheyafter training to supply the muscles with proteins and at the same time protect the muscles from catabolic processes.

VPLab Gold Wheyis proof that just one 30g serving of high-quality whey protein post-workout can lead to serious results. It is designed to cover the expenses of any serious athlete who follows a high protein diet and wants to build muscle and increase strength. Gold Whey contains no added sugar and is low in fat.


  • Low fat, low carb and low sugar
  • Naturally occurring 5g of BCAA per serving
  • 23 g of instant protein per serving
  • Enhanced with l-leucine for serious results
  • Enriched with L-leucine, it even more positively affects the muscle building process, since L-leucine has long been known as the only amino acid that is crucial for muscle gain. It was made from 100% instant whey protein for easier solubility and mixability.

To suggesté according to the highest standards, only one serving of Gold Whey delivers pure protein, 5 g of BCAA and a fantastic taste.

Nutritioné data

For 1 serving (30 g)

Proteins - 22.8 g

Fats - 1.3 g

Carbohydrates - 2.8 g

- of which sugar 0.2 g

Fiber 0.32 g

Energy value - 114 kcal / 485 kJ


whey protein concentrate, food flavoring (flavor, defatted cocoa powder), L-leucine, thickener E415, sweetener E955, emulsifier E322.


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