Extrifit Protein Caffé Latte 80 1000 g


Extrifit Protein Caffé Latte 80 1000 g

Protein Caffé Latte 80 1000g is an extremely delicious protein coffee from Extrifit. If you are a lover of delicious coffee and at the same time an athlete, then Protein Caffé Latte 80 is just right for you. Excellent-tasting whey protein with a full 10% of real coffee and 100 mg of caffeinewellis a perfect sports drink that will provide you with 20 g of protein in each dose and you will also enjoy a really delicious frothy coffee with a stimulating effect.




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Extrifit Protein Caffé Latte 80 1000 g

Caffé Latte 80 protein is an excellent helper for stimulating the body and building muscle mass. The drink is an optimal morning dose of protein, and at the same time, this shake pleasantly wakes you up and refreshes you. In short, the ideal start to the new day or as a tasty coffee and protein refreshment at any time of the day.

As a protein component, we chose an extremely high-quality 80% whey concentrate with a creamy consistency, a very high BCAA content and excellent digestibility. We took special care in selecting high-quality instant coffee with a 2% natural caffeine content and a delicious taste.

<Coffee contains natural caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that acts as an energizer. It stimulates the central nervous system and thanks to this you are better prepared for both mental and physical performance. However, regular coffee does not contain the amount of caffeine that is necessary for really noticeable stimulation in advanced athletes or bodybuilders. That's why we added the right amount of caffeine to the coffee contained in Proteín Caffé Latte 80 so that its total content in the product is 100 mg in each dose.

Each dose of the product contains:

  • 20 g of protein
  • 100 mg of caffeine
  • 19773 mg of amino acids
  • 4202 mg of BCAAs

The dose of Protein Caffé Latte 80 in each bag contains a minimum of carbohydrates and a negligible amount of tuku and is completely without added sugar. We have prepared the product for you in disposable bags for precise dosing. The advantage of disposable bags is hygienic packaging and also the possibility of taking the necessary number of bags with you on trips.

Preparation forthe concept is extremely simple. Pour the contents of the bag into 200 ml of water and stir. The longer you shake, the thicker the foam the drink will create. Preparation only takes a few seconds. Protein Caffé Latte 80 is even tastier with the addition of a few ice cubes. The drink stands out with its frothy consistency and the exclusive taste of a real coffee latte. Each serving contains a full 20 g of protein and 4202 mg of BCAA!

On the training day, use approxone hour before training (if you drink it on an empty stomach, then about 30 minutes, because the onset of the effect is faster). During the drawing period, it can also be used on days off from training to support the burning of subcutaneous fat and reduce the feeling of fatigue. In this case, take Protein Caffé Latte 80 in the morning or early afternoon, possibly in the early afternoon. Keep in mind that if consumed in the evening, the stimulating effect of caffeine could disrupt your sleep pattern. If you are already an advanced exerciser or are preparing for a bodybuilding or fitness competition, we recommend our Protein Caffé Isolate 90 product for use during a drawing diet.

Recommended dosage:

  • the daily dose is 1 bag 60 minutes before the performance or in the morning on an empty stomach, or by halfdnia (never at bedtime)
  • dissolve the contents of the bag in 200 ml of cold water, ideally with a few ice cubes intended for immediate consumption


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