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Testosterone Pack V2

The package contains inflated GIGANTO testosterone boosters from top manufacturers such as ARCAS NUTRITIONand a special testosterone booster from Musclebody nutrition 150 capsules


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Testosterone Pack Arcas Nutrition GIGANTO + MB Testobooster

Arcas Nutrition Giganabol is a specific anabolic formula 100% without doping, which in combination with TESTO BOOSTER from MUSCLEBODY NUTRITION must increase your TESTOSTERONE.


GIGANTO from the company ARCAS NUTRITIONwhich we took care of, and which we prepared even for the most demanding users. It meets strict criteria, focusing on several mechanisms in our body that are able to start the growth of lean muscle mass. To stimulate them, we used several extracts whose purity exceeds 99%, which ranks them among the top and maximizes their effectiveness and anabolic power.


  • has a strong anabolic action in the body
  • builds muscle mass, its hardness and veininess, refines the figure.
  • activates the anabolic growth factor IGF-1
  • stimulates the mTOR system
  • increases the speed of proteosynthesis, i.e. the ability to process and incorporate proteins
  • increases the formation of both fast and slow muscle fibers
  • improves the synthesis of ATP and PCr
  • increases the amount of muscle glycogen
  • helps burn fat
  • improves the flushing of lactic acid, which accelerates the rest phase
  • positively affects nitrogen retention
  • eliminates catabolic processes
  • supports and prolongs work performance in any sport
  • reduces fatigue, increases the intensity of training
  • accelerates regeneration after exercise
  • in the diet it maintains muscle mass and at the same time reduces fat
  • reduces the negative effects of a low-calorie diet on the body


Beta-ecdysterone 99%, phosphatidic acid 99.9%, horsetail root (rhaponticum carthamoides) extract 50:1, rhodiola rosea extract, 5-methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone 99.9%, 6-keto-diosgenin 99 .9%, bioperine, astaxanthin 99.9%.


Enjoy 2-3 capsules a day, drink with a sufficient amount of water

MB Nutritioin Testo Booster 150 capsules/h2>

There are basically two types of testosterone boosters. Natural and synthetic supplement / supplements. The synthetic (category) are known as anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are bsp. Testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate, nandrolone decanoate, Dianabol (methandienone), oxandrolone, etc. These synthetic testosterone products are supposed to produce positive results. But unfortunately also with unpleasant, dangerous side effects. For this reason, more and more bodybuilders and athletes are trying to use safer testosterone substitutes and boosters like BSP. For example, Testo Booster from MB Nutrition. Increasing free testosterone will help you.


D-aspartic acid confirmeddirect effect on testosterone production in man. D-aspartic acid is converted to a very prominent signal of metabolites called NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartdad). This steady influx of NMDA in the anterior pituitary and hypothalamus ensures acute release of the hormone and growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). The hormone causes the release of the growth hormone HGH. Also known as somatoliberin/somatropin. Prolactin factor (PRF) and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH, also known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone). All three hormones involved favor the production and secretion of growth hormone (GH or HGH) by prolactin. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). All of this increases your muscle growth, enormously. Significantly improves protein intake / protein synthesis.

Testosterone Booster from MB nutrition with stinging nettlesth root extract:

Stinging Extract from nettle roots (Urtica dioica) is extracted in Europe


Take 5 capsules daily in a ratio (2:1:2). Drink plenty of cold water. The maximum daily dose is 6 capsules.


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