Nutrex - Lipo-6 Black USA 120 kapsúl


Nutrex - Lipo-6 Black 120 capsules

LIPO-6 BLACK is a powerful weight loss supplement. It is intended for active people who are looking for effective help for rapid weight loss.

Nutrex - Lipo-6



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Nutrex - Lipo-6 Black 120 capsules

LIPO-6 BLACKis a powerful fat burner that promotes fat loss through multiple pathways. It is designed for active people who are looking for a powerful aid in their efforts to lose weight by promoting a strong thermogenic effect that helps increase your body's metabolic rate. Activating thermogenesis is a key supportive effect that will make your body burn more calories.

Another positive and immediately visiblem effect of LIPO-6 BLACKis its ability to increase mental alertness, focus and promote high energy. These are important aspects that will help you cope with possible fatigue from the diet and stay active during the day.

LIPO-6BLACKit is further designed to help curb appetite and food cravings so it can be easier to stick to a successful diet plan. Depending on your goal and personal needs, this formula allows you to customize the dosage.

Maximize combustionnot fats

Want to know how you can improve results beyond diet, exercise and fat burning? Use in combination with Lipo-6 DEFINING GEL


  • Powerful weight loss support
  • It helps burn calories and increase the rate of metabolism
  • Supports high energy, concentration and alertness
  • It helps curb appetite and food cravings
  • Fast absorbing liquid capsules

Recommended dosage:

Enjoy 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the afternoon. Due to the strength of this product, do not take more than 3 capsules per serving. NEVER TAKE MORE THAN SIX CAPSULES IN 24 HOURS. Do not take with food. Consume at least 30 minutes before meals. Do not use within 6 hours before bedtime. Use the product for 60 days and then take a 15-day break.


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