WEIDER CLA Capsules 120 capsulesfor natural weight loss. Concentrated, conjugated linoleic acid /CLA/ in the form of quickly absorbable capsules.




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WEIDER CLA 120 capsules for natural weight loss

Concentrated, conjugated linoleic acid /CLA/ in the form of quickly absorbable capsules.

CLAeffectively promotes fat burning while maintaining muscle mass and has a beneficial effect against the re-deposition of fat /yo-yo effect/. The preparation also helps reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol /LDL/ and increase the level of "good" /HDL/. Suitable for athletes and physically stressed people, especially during periods of low-calorie diets and increased physical activity.

  • ideal for dieters,
  • fights against the yo-yo effect
  • suitable for fat burning support
  • accelerates the formation of muscle mass
  • Dosage: 5 capsules per day = intake of 4050mg CLA!

Ingredients for 2 capsules:

Conjugated linoleic acid 1.62 g, fats 2 g, carbohydrates 0.26 g, proteins 0.48 g, Energy 83 KJ.

Conjugated linoleic acid effectively promotes fat burning and the loss of excess fat in the bloodstream while preserving muscle mass.

Ideasflax in the diet for those who want to keep firm and defined muscles.

CLAit is among the best-acting healthy fats in the body, and also among the most expensive of all available healthy omega fatty acids.

Short circuitka CLA contains conjugated linoleic acid, which is a natural unsaturated fatty acid. Scientists observed its positive effects several decades ago, but only in seven yearsin the 1990s, they managed to accurately describe it and discover its "miraculous" effects.

FindingIt is believed that CLA plays a very important role in the human body in building muscles, reducing fat and supporting the immune system. In theory, we should get enough of it from food, unfortunately, many of us have a significant deficit of this fatty acid.

The advantage of CLA isthat if you lose weight, it protects your body from reducing muscle mass. With its sufficient intake, you can avoid hunger and appetite, because it can suppress appetite, helps you not to gain weight again, accelerates metabolism and helps to cleanse the body.

EnoughCLA from the diet is difficult to obtain, therefore it is possible to reach for nutritional supplements that offer this acid.

Taking CLA is not only suitable for those who are currently losing weight, but also for maintaining the weight achieved, in order to avoid the unpleasant yo-yo effect, CLA is an ideal supplement while using stronger fat burners such as e.g. ThermX app.

This fattyá acid stimulates the immune system and helps suppress food allergies, is a fighter in the prevention of osteoporosis, breast, prostate and colon cancer. So far, scientists have not discovered any negative effects of CLA, but they recommend taking a daily dose of 1000 to 3000 mg of CLA, in case of obesity and when playing sports, this dose can rise up to twice.


Not suitable for persons under 15 years of age, pregnant and lactating women. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, dgiant closed. Keep out of reach of children. The manufacturer, importer and distributor are not responsible for damages caused by improper use or storage.


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