Extrifit CFM Instant Whey 80 1000 g


Extrifit CFM Instant Whey 80 1000 g

ProfessionalWPC 80since March 2014 it is in a new package, with a new and even better composition and also with a new name! What is the new CFMInstant Whey 80even better than its already very popular predecessor? It has a much better creaminess and delicious consistency, it is available in 13 new completely excellent and improved flavors at the very limit of what is possible for this type of CFM protein. The fruit flavors also contain ground pieces of 100% fruit. All this with seven digestive enzymes, with a sweetener from the stevia plant, without any chemical dyes and with the guarantee that the protein component consists of 100% of the highest quality CFM instant whey protein concentrate from the European Union.

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Extrifit CFM Instant Whey 80 1000 g

CFM Instant Whey 80fromextrifitis an improved, more advanced and more modern successor to the successful protein Professional WPC 80. The basis of the new protein CFM Instant Whey 80is again the highest quality raw material available, namely whey protein concentrate CFM. It is an instant (easily soluble) protein obtained from whey using the most modern production method - CFM microfiltration (Cross-Flow Microfiltration). This method of production takes place cold on ceramic filters and is the most gentle way of producing whey protein.


  • 100% of the protein content is CFM instant whey protein
  • 13 excellent flavors, real dried fruit and delicious creaminess
  • 7 digestive enzymes for excellent absorbability
  • the main sweetener is natural stevia 97%
  • contributes to the growth of muscle mass
  • The intake of this high-quality source of protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass and its maintenance in situations where it is threatened by catabolism.


CFM is a natural, non-chemical process for the production of the highest quality whey protein, filtered on a special, highly technologically advanced ceramic cross-flow filter, which is able to perfectly filter out all unwanted components (such as fat, lactose...) and isolate pure (virgin) whey protein.protein by preserving all valuable primary microfractions such as beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactoglobulin, serum albumin, immunoglobulin, glycomacropeptide, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, protease peptones.

CFM is nocertainly a natural non-chemical process in which no auxiliary chemicals or solvents are used.

CFM is the mostmore ethereal existing method of protein production, because the raw material is not exposed to any physical quantities, e.g. high pressure, temperature, ions. It just passes by its own weight through the ceramic filters. Thanks to this, the final whey protein is intact = untouched by anything and no one = the so-called virgin protein. Its structure, protein composition, aroma, color and taste are natural, unaffected and unchanged, remaining in the original natural, so-called native form.

The CFM process is in addition to preserving allvaluable fractions, also gentle on minerals. CFM protein contains more calcium than proteins produced by other methods, e.g. ion exchange, and also less unwanted sodium.


depends on body weight, sports activity and the composition of the diet, we recommend dividing the daily dose (2-3 scoops) into 2-3 doses, which you can consume as a snack between individual meals, or even after training, mix the contents of 1 scoop (= 30 g) of CFM Instant Whey 80 in 150 - 200 ml of water or skimmed milk, the amount of water determines the consistency and taste of the drink


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