Extrifit Actinox 620 g


Extrifit Actinox 620 g

ProductActinox® Nitro Peptidesit is intended for everyone who strives for an increase in muscle mass. The main component of the product is the patented ActiNOS®(selective nitro peptides and fractions of a modified, partially hydrolyzed whey isolate). Actinox®Nitro Peptides acts as an all-day stimulant of nitric oxide (NO) production. It increases muscle pumping and blood flow, which contributes to better utilization of nutrients in muscle cells.




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Extrifit Actinox 620 g

Actinox®EXTRIFIT brand is a unique product designed for everyone who strives for a brutal increase in muscle volume. The main component of this revolutionary product – the patented ActiNOS® (selective nitro peptides and fractions of a modified, partially hydrolyzed whey isolate) - enable an all-day increase in blood flow to the muscles through their ability to stimulate the production of nitric oxide (NO). Actinox® it also contains other NO production stimulants – arginine (in the form of alpha-ketoglutarate and arginine base), beta alanine and citrulline. Thanks to the extra doses of BCAA, glutamine and palatinosTM (isomaltulose), which Actinox® Frb contains, in addition, you will fill the muscles with everything they need after a hard training for maximum growth.


ActiNOS®(also referred to as CFM Nitro P) are selective nitro peptides and fractions of a modified, partially hydrolyzed whey isolate. These nitro peptides increase long-term blood circulation and muscle pumping thanks to the stimulation of the production of the nitric oxide synthetase enzyme. In the clinical field, their effect on lowering blood pressure, stimulating the immune system and improving sexual functions in men is also being investigated! Thanks to the Actinox® product, you will be finishednot be able to train like professionals! Maximum effect for training intensity! During training, thanks to the increased blood flow, it reaches the workers fastermuscles take oxygen and lactate (lactic acid) is washed away – Actinox®It always lets you do a few repetitions further in your training! Thanks to it, you will delay muscle burning and muscle failure, and you will get more out of it in each set!


Did you know that human muscle is made up of 33% BCAA (valine, leucine and isoleucine) and 60% glutamine out of all the existing 20 amino acids? We have created an exclusive product for hard-training athletes, which will enable the supply of muscles with mega doses of BCAA and glutamine throughout the day! You can use this product even on non-training days to incorporate nutrients into growing muscles thanks to the effect of increased blood flow to the muscle mass, or the muscle grows the most during rest, not directly during training! On training days, on the other hand, use NO products with stimulants such as Hell Gel®, Hellnox® or E.nox® before training!


The content of the revolutionary carbohydrate - palatinosTM (isomaltulose) - reliably ensures the supply of energy to the muscles and the rapid filling of glycogen throughout the day.


Seeaka the absence of stimulants in this product, your muscles are supplied with a larger amount of blood throughout the day without an unpleasant effect on falling asleep. A complete revolution in the field of n-eyes: a product that works all day - Actinox®!


Actinox®– fill your muscles with everything you need! There's quite a bit of it in one dose! Get everything into the muscles 2x-3x a dayimportant! Mega doses of the most important nutrients every day:

  • 170 mg of revolutionary ActiNOS® nitro peptides (CFM Nitro P, corresponds to the dose of 10000 mg of CFM Nitro X, which was used earlier) increasing the usability of all meals
  • 5 gramsglutamine
  • 4 grams of BCAA
  • 2.04 grams of PalatinosaTM
  • In addition, do you like the feeling of pumped up muscles after training, when your t-shirt sleeves are suddenly tight? What about having a high blood supply to the muscles and excellent pumping all day? Do you want to have muscles full of blood during the day with pulsating veins on your biceps like a pro? Reach for the Actinox® product and have pumped and full muscles all day long!


  • take 1 scoop 1-2 times a day between meals, on training days preferably before training 1 scoop (20 g) Mix Actinox® in 2-3 dcl of water
  • the content of the prepared drink is intended for direct consumption
  • Actinox® is designed for all performance levels of athletes! Follow the dosage table on the back of the package: beginners and intermediates - 1 scoop (20 g = 1 dose) in the morning on a non-training day, advanced athletes and bodybuilders - 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop in the afternoon on a non-training day (total 40 g).


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