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Universal Animal Nitro 396 tabliet
  • Universal Animal Nitro 396 tabliet

Universal Animal Nitro 396 tabs


It contains precisely dosed amounts of essential amino acids needed for a loaded muscle cell before intensive training - this complex is referred to as the Human Muscle Complex (HMPC) . It consists exclusively of free amino acids in proportions and doses that ensure almost immediate absorption and 100% availability to the body.

Universal Animal Nitro 396 tabliet


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Benefits of Animal Nitro Paku:

  • essential amino acid packages
  • high BCAA content
  • Promoting anabolism
  • Reduction of catabolism
  • ideal composition - Human Muscle Protein Complex

Big things are only remotely, if you look closely at them, you will notice that they are small parts. The muscles are no different. The basic building blocks of the muscle are amino acids. And when you start strengthening, the most important thing for you is the amino acid. Not only because your body can not produce it yourself, but also because it can act directly on anabolic processes through protein synthesis. However, this is not a random selection of amino acids. When administered in the form of nutritional supplements, the amino acids, when administered, must be delivered to the body of the athlete in the right amount, proportion and form.

And these three criteria are fulfilled by Animal Nitro with its amino acids in the Human Muscle Protein Complexe - it contains a precisely dosed mixture of free essential ammonium acids, in order to achieve the best results in shortest time.

What does animal range mean?

In 1981, biochemists and dieticians discovered that packages were individually filled with a combination of tablets. The active ingredient-containing capsules and capsules are the perfect supplementation system for premium weightlifters who need powerful, effective, and comprehensive nutritional supplements. In 1983, after two years of research, the first Animal Pak was produced from the production line of Universal Nutrition. This started a new story not only for the company, but also for the complementary nutrition. Since then, two decades have passed, countless attempts by other companies, and Animal Pak is still the world's best-selling bodybuilding package!

Today Animal Experiments, Animal Steaks, Animal Mouths, Animal Flexs, Animal Nitro, Animal Pumps and Animal Omega are the most popular supplements for "old school" bodybuilders who are only interested in hard training. Separate packaging ensures that a large amount of active ingredients can be taken without error. If you are really looking for a good supplement, this is the same as for heavy training - in this case, there is no other option.

Recommended dosage

  • Take a pack within 15 - 30 minutes after training
  • On a training day or if you want to achieve the desired results quickly, take 2 packs per day - just before and after the workout
  • in the case of u trainingUse a drinking drink, use Animal Nitro first and drink after 30-45 minutes
  • If possible, take Animal Nitro on an empty stomach
  • Drink 2 dl of water