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Yucca Shidigera 120 kps/450mg
  • Yucca Shidigera 120 kps/450mg

Yucca Shidigera 120 caps/450mg


KOMPAVA Yucca shidigera natural detox removes all toxins in the digestive or vascular system

Yucca Shidigera 120 kps/450mg

Yucca Shidigera

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Dietary supplements for detoxification KOMPAVA Yucca Shidigera contains a number of substances that are biochemically characterized as saponins. Their concentration in this plant is up to 30%! Their main benefit is the antioxidant effect that manifests throughout the body. Detoxification is one of the most important pillars of a healthy lifestyle, the prevention of nutrition and allergies, the proper digestion and the vitality of the whole body.

Detoxifying effect KOMPAVA Yucca Schidigera : Regulates cholesterol and the cardiovascular system. Helps remove sediment from the body. Supports the immune system. Lactic Acid from Muscles Regenerating the Mucous Mucosa

The role of saponins in Yucce Shidigere:

Shidigera Yucca contains 2 types of saponins that are water-soluble (stearate binds cholesterol in the intestine, forms insoluble compounds with it and does not absorb it, which lowers blood levels), and water-soluble (terpene enters the bloodstream) reduces blood flow, lowering cholesterol ) in the human body turns into a sapogenin, which acts as a soap - reduces surface tension and prevents substances from adhering to the walls of vessels and intestines (bacteria and viruses on tissues), has an antioxidant effect and reduces the amount of free radicals you increase the corticosteroidproduktion (they form in the adrenal cortex, have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and immunogenic effects). All sediments dissolve and transform into the body Removes all non-physiological deposits (landfills) from the body, restores the cells by removing debris, and improves their function, reducing the kidney filtration surface (more effective purification of the blood from impurities) and the removal of Kidney deposits (stones and sand are broken down by saponin and no new ones are formed) increased) decompose and cleanse the deposited fat particles (not absorbable)

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 capsule in the evening 2 hours after dinner. Week by 2 capsules in the morning and in the evening, the next weeks by 3 capsules in the morning and in the evening


During treatment it is necessary to maintain the increased drinking regime, min. 1.5 l of fluids per day. A diet with an increased amount of fiber and alkali is suitable.

Dietary supplement for the detoxification of Yucca Shidiger KOMPAVA:

Shidigera Yucca (450 mg), gelatin capsule (titanium dioxide dye) - 1 capsule Content 100 g Product contains: calories 33 kcal, proteins 3.1 g, fats 47 mg, phosphorus 73 mg, iron 0.5 mg, sodium 0 mg, Potassium 0 mg, Vitamin A 10 IU, Vitamin B1 (Thiamin chloride) 0.14 mg, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.99 mg, Niacin 0.6 mg, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 0 mg.


The product should not be used by persons with swallowed metal joints and persons who have transplanted the entire organ. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Do not use the product as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children in a well-closed place from 10 ° C to 25 ° C away from direct sunlight. The product is not suitable for children under 15 years. The product is suitable for diabetics and celiac patients.

Decision ÚVZSR OHVBPKV / 6741/2010 / Ht

The product contains no preservatives, synthetic dyes or substances from the Prohibited List of the World Anti-Doping Code or GMOs.

NO allergens - contains no allergens