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Blackstone Labs - PCT IV 60 caps


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A special PCT product that maintains muscle growth and quickly reaches a high level of hormone release.

  • An ideal product for PCT
  • Effects comparable to medical devices
  • Suitable as a single product after a steroid cycle
  • Comfortable app
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PCT IV - Tetraplexx after the cycle (459.5 mg)

PCT is translated after steroid cycle therapy. It is a period in which as much muscle mass and strength as possible are maintained and the normal hormone secretion function is restored. Many young people are using steroids because of the prospect of rapid muscle growth, but they do not realize that the time after steroid withdrawal should be equally important to them. Why? The purpose of doping abuse is mainly to increase performance (muscle mass and strength). The goal of the period after that is to keep those values. However, it does not make sense to increase ten or more kilograms within a few weeks and then lose them. Another very important thing is that the amount of anabolic steroids affects the excretion of your own testosterone and it is necessary to resume this production as soon as possible. The decline of this "male" hormone is accompanied by a decrease in muscle mass, strength, a decline in emotional well-being and reduced sexual function. When a person neglects the period of replanting, they get to the top, and this is an illogical solution. In practice, tamoxifen, clenbuterol, HCG or Clomid are most commonly used in medicines. In most cases, it is necessary to combine several simultaneously and megadoses Tribulus hinzuzufügen. If we turn it into a small one and the economic side, the time side (frequent dosing required) or the comfort of the application (injectable and PCT IV is the ideal choice for you.) Convenient dosing and extreme effects.The following lines will show you what PCT IV products are:

Blackstone Labs has developed a maximum PCT supplement (Post Cycle Therapy). It's clear and has also developed the best supplement to the natural testosterone boost, bridging the cycles to get as much muscle mass and strength as possible.

POST-CYCLE THERAPY TETRAPLEXX has combined effects that help lower estrogen levels while increasing natural testosterone production, which is important for easy transition between cycles. We decided to postpone it, so we added Ostarine to the mix. Ostarine is a holy king who helps you to keep all supplements. Everyone asks at the end of the cycle, "How many pounds of muscle do I keep?" With the addition of Ostarine, you have a great opportunity to maintain all muscle and strength gains and even get something else. Since Ostarine does not affect your hormones, it is not inconsistent to bring the test values back to normal.

With the POST CYCLE THERAPY TETRAPLEXX we have covered all the basics. It offers health benefits like the Senkung of estrogen levels and cortisol levels. It increases natural testosterone levels faster than other commercial supplements. It contains Ostarine, with which you do not lose a gram of muscle. We examine the health of your internal organs and have added to the mix Saw Pallmetto. No other product available on the market No better post-cycle therapy than POST CYCLE THERAPY TETRAPLEXX. Find out what's hidden in each dose and see for yourself!

Dosage: You take 1 capsule twice daily with meals. Do not take more than two capsules within 24 hours. Follow the instructions on the product label. Take advantage of the comfort of the app and get your body back now!

Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. This product is intended for adult men. Not suitable for women. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any prescription medicines or have any health problems with taking this product. Do not use if you have high blood pressure, have problems with your heart, kidneys, thyroid, mental disorders, difficulty urinating, enlarged prostate, anxiety, depression, convulsions, or a stroke. Do not exceed nithe recommended dosage. This product is intended for persons over 18 years.

1.week 2 capsules per day
2.week 2 capsules per day
3.week 2 capsules per day

2 capsules per day

Nutritional information s
Single batch size: 1 capsule
Number of doses per pack: 60
Single dose values
ostarine 12mg *
Androst-3,5-diene-7,17-dione 37.5 mg *
Tribulus terrestris 250mg *
Saw Palmetto 160mg *
* Daily value not determined
Other ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate, rice flour

Ostarine benefits:

  • Not toxic to the liver and does not increase blood pressure
  • You will feel well
  • Ideal for bridging bicycles
  • Low effect on cholesterol level
  • Ideal for gaining strength and muscle mass
  • It is suitable for aerobic and anaerobic training
  • Only one dose a day

Androst 3,5-diene-7,17-dione-37.5 mg

Androst 3,5-diene-7,17-Dione is not a prohormone, binds to your androgen receptors and lowers estrogen and cortisol levels, and your testosterone levels naturally increase, which experts consider optimal T: E and T: C- Relationship.

Tribulus terrestris - 250 mg

It has been a natural enhancer for centuries in Ancient Greece, India and Africa as a means of promoting fertility and rejuvenating the body. Scientific studies have shown that Tribulus, although containing no hormones, promotes healthy hormone production and male reproductive health. It leads to the production of lutenizing hormone (LH). Increasing the LH level also increases the natural testosterone level.

Saw palmetto - 160 mg

It is one of the main herbs for men's health. It promotes prostate and urinary tract function by helping testosterone not to turn to DHT. It also contains fatty acids that help lower cholesterol, sterols that stimulate the immune system, and flavonoids that contain antioxidants.

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